Timothy J Pagliara

Professional Overview

Founder of CapWealth

Timothy’s policy of advising is to always look closely at each client’s situation and find a personalized plan that will meet their needs. Tim does not simply follow models of investment; he puts thought into each client’s investments and creates a custom option for each person.

Due to his care and attention to detail, Timothy has earned several notable awards, including Number 1 Wealth Advisor in Tennessee from Forbes and Number 1 Financial Advisor in Tennessee from Barron’s, both in 2020. He had previously accomplished this feat in 2018, making him the first financial advisor in Tennessee to earn both awards in the same year. Previously, he had earned Barron’s top ranking for Tennessee five years in a row, from 2012 to 2016.


Aside from Timothy’s investment work, he is also a passionate advocate for rebuilding the economy and lowering the national debt. It is important to Timothy J Pagliara that people understand how the national debt crisis can affect them, and he works to encourage policies by the government that stimulate the U.S. economy while preventing further debt accumulation.


Aside from his work in financial services, Timothy J Pagliara has an interest in business law, an area he is interested in exploring further. He is also a philanthropist and community activist, working to help his community and places around the world to become a better environment for everyone. In Moshi, Tanzania, Timothy worked to build Mwenge Catholic University through his organization, Pagliara Charities. This institution would certify students to teach math and science. Timothy J Pagliara also partners with the Heritage Foundation, Battle Ground Academy, Carnton Plantation, Saint Thomas Hospital, and the Boy Scouts of America. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees for Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, as well. Regardless of the organization or its location, Timothy works hard to ensure that he has a positive impact on the world.


When Timothy is not at work, he spends time with his daughter, Jennifer, and son, Travis. He also finds enjoyment in spending time in the outdoors, particularly skiing and hiking. Tim has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 11 times, and he has also reached the base camp at Mount Everest. Tim is also a licensed United States Coast Guard 100-ton Master Captain, and he enjoys spending his time on the ocean.