Good and strong leaders are critical to the success of our organizations, communities, and nations. They help us make the necessary decisions to keep the world moving. Unfortunately, many people are quick to identify bad leaders. What qualities would most people say are needed to make a good leader?

  1. Delegation

A critical responsibility of a leader is delegating. This can be very challenging, as it can involve freeing yourself up and allowing your direct reports to grow. The goal is to enable the people around you to make better decisions and develop stronger relationships with their colleagues. Effective delegation can help build trust within the organization and with their teams.

  1. Communication

Communication is also an essential component of effective leadership. The best leaders can communicate effectively in various ways, such as by sharing information with their team members or inspiring them. Leaders must be able to listen to and communicate with people from different backgrounds and social identities. The success of the business depends on the quality of communication among your leaders. This is why you must learn how effective conversations and communication can improve your organization’s culture.

  1. Integrity

Another important quality a leader must have is integrity, which is especially important for senior executives making significant decisions. According to our research, organizations may not be able to identify the importance of integrity in their leaders because it can be a blind spot. So make sure your company reinforces the importance of integrity to all of its leaders.

  1. Gratitude

Being grateful can help boost one’s self-esteem and reduce anxiety and depression. It can also help improve one’s sleep and make one a better leader. Unfortunately, many people do not regularly say “thank you” to their managers. This suggests that the best leaders can show their appreciation in the workplace.

  1. Self-Awareness

While being more focused on one’s inner self is a good trait, it is also essential that a leader has the necessary humility and self-awareness to be effective. Having the necessary knowledge and skills to recognize and manage your weaknesses can help you become a better leader.

When building your leadership skills consider focusing on these qualities to foster your growth for yourself and your team.