The rise of transparency and trust in the workplace has become a common demand among employees. They want to be able to have a clear understanding of what is real and what is not. This is because people are tired of being surprised by the unknowns in their lives. A clear understanding of what is happening in our relationships and decisions allows us to make better decisions.

Besides securing a job, employees also want to be part of a culture that values the truth. They expect their leaders to be honest and transparent in leading the company.The traditional workplace is no longer the utopia it once was. Employees now expect their employers to take the time to look out for them. Companies will lose top talent if they ignore their employees’ needs.

Being honest and transparent is powerful, as it allows people to trust you and your actions. Unfortunately, many leaders are not transparent because they believe that they will be viewed as less powerful.  People relate to leaders because they can relate to their struggles. They want to know how their leaders have overcome their problems.

Through the rise of social media, people have gained access to a broader range of information about their leaders. This has also changed the expectations of people about their leaders.

The need for transparency in society has reached an all-time high. People prefer to watch videos rather than reading blog posts. They want to see how one’s body language, facial expressions, and eye contact compare to others. They also want to know if one is genuinely being sincere. 

This means it is time for leaders to be more transparent in the workplace. They should start communicating less over email and through third-party platforms such as video and face-to-face interactions. This will allow them to build trust and establish a new attitude and loyalty within their organizations.


  1. Faster Problem Solving

Being more transparent can help employees develop a deeper understanding of one another and work toward solving their problems faster. 

  1. Better Teams

Transparency is one of the most powerful factors that can improve a team’s performance. This can help them work together seamlessly. The building of a team can only be improved by the presence of its leader, who is willing to talk about the team’s weaknesses and strengths.

Being transparent allows everyone to share their opinions and perspectives on the team. This can help the leaders identify the best individuals to handle specific tasks.

Talking about the team’s concerns and profile allows the leaders to identify the best individuals to handle specific tasks. This can also help the group grow together. It enables them to find creative ways to deliver on their performance expectations.

  1. Authentic Relationships

One of the most effective ways to bring people together is through transparency. Being more transparent can also help relationships develop faster, as it can avoid misunderstandings that can lead to tension.